As a conclusion of a two year process, it was a great honor to talk about landscape and accessibility in the occasion of the opening of the Archeological Park of Luine, with a project designed by our studio, in one of the eight art parks that compose the rocky art site of Valle Camonica.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Better known as the “ valley of signs “ a landscape of tales, where for thousands of years men left in the rocks of these mountains the sign of their presence, of their passage or of an encounter.                                                                                                                                                             Now it was up to us, and for that reason we chose a participatory process that was needed to start the project in its definition, as it would be appropriate for every modern democracy.

The results of this process demonstrated that :

“A big construction site of experimentation in symbiosis with a strongly participated process are the two souls of a politic for a quality habitat ” (F. Zagari)


Our thanks are due to the collaboration with :

Presidenza del Sito UNESCO dell’Arte Rupestre della Val Camonica,
Soprintendenza della Lombardia,
Associazione Architetti Camuni,
Associazione degli Ingegner犀利士
i Camuni
Associazione Design For All e a tutti gli altri intervenuti.